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Nha Trang

Jaeger bombs & mud baths

sunny 24 °C


When we finally rocked up at the beach resort of Nah Trang the floods were gone but so were most of the travellers. Our merry band of friends however, (Schnitzel, James, Jess and Paul), had all arrived the day before and were waiting for us to arrive so we could have dinner together. Ahhh.


We had a garlic-filled meal at some joint across from our hotel Blue Star and then checked out the Nha Trang nightlife. Cocktails on the beach, Jaeger Bombs at the Why Not Bar, song requests and hookah pipes with a guest appearance from Jethro Tull (India on one leg clutching the hookah pipe), a visit to the local kareoke bar and a couple of games of connect four all resulted in one of our best nights out yet and our gang's very own theme tune: http://vimeo.com/15337353


Nha Trang's other highlight was the nearby mud spa. We hired a couple of Easy Riders who took us on the back of their motorbikes and had a heavenly day of pampering ourselves in hot springs and mud. Our 20 minute mud bath was divine and smelt of cinnamon and eucalyptus. Afterwards we dried the mud in the sun before washing off and jumping in a hot mineral pool. The rest of the spa had a large hot mineral pool, a large cold mineral pool and jacuzzis. Mom - we thought of you, you would have loved it!

-- more photos to come --

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No Holiday in Cambodia

Rainy weather reminds us of home.


The weather in Sihanoukville prevents us from achieving our aim of sitting on the beach cocktails in hand. So we settle for chilling out with out new British buddies in the wooden terrace of our guesthouse, ordering endless amounts cheese & bean toasties (mmmmmm).

Jo's birthday night kicks off with some Thai whiskey, coke & redbull, on the terrace of our little bungalows out back (poor ventilation - needs work). We end up in a beachside shack nightclub called JJs - notorious in these parts - avoiding having to drink from buckets - which appear to hold about 15litres! We all go home fairly drunk.... Jo a little too drunk, and she spends the next day throwing up - even though the sun is out!

By late afternoon Jo is feeling better - but too late- the skies have opened once again. So we book ourselves in to a session at TOP CAT CINEMA, the most comfiest, indulgent, best hangover activity EVER! Here Sean, the cinema man loads up a film of our choice (Wild Target - good film) and gives us a cozy, cool room full of comfy sofas to watch it on with a giant flat screen tv. He then carries in a fresh hot pizza of our choice to enjoy.


It's clearly not beach weather- and won't be for some time so we decide to leave the next day for Kampot - home of the world's best pepper.

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