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Monkey Madness

A day in Lopburi



On the recommendation of Duncan we split up our journey to Chiang Mai with a day trip to Lopburri. A town famous for its monkey-inhabited temples (the presence of the monkeys could be explained by the fact they FEED them?). A few monkeys can be seen around town, climbing on roofs and telephone wires and generally causing havoc... which explains why all locals carry catapults around with them. But nowhere are there as many as by the largest temple, where there are monkeys EVERYWHERE! You learn why the phrase 'cheeky monkey' exists, as you can't turn you back for too long here before a monkey is on you trying to unzip your bag.





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Travelling back to meet Tom.

A Photo Essay!

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The boat from Koh Tao..... sunnnnyyyy!

The view from the boat.... beautiful!

Waiting for the night train.......creepy!


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The Great Divide!

Me and Jo each go our own way.

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With Jo heading off to meet Ru in Bangkok, I was left to my own devices, spending a few more days on Phayam in the cheapest shack I could grab (300B = 6quid) and then I too was off, to Koh Tao.... to learn to dive!?

DSC04100.jpg DSC04103.jpg

Koh Tao is one of the cheapest and most popular places to learn to scuba dive in the world. I was told if I had the time, which i did, and the money to do a course then I would be crazy not to.... so i did! I was hoping also that by doing a diving course I would get to meet some people to hang out with while I waited for Tom to fly out. Unfortunately the only two others on my course turned out to be a Norweigian couple on a romantic two week holiday.

Still, I learned to dive and saw a turtle! So all was not lost.
Not many photos, I'm afraid, of my diving experiences, but never fear.... I have a wonderful DVD of my dives for you all to watch at a later date.

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Koh Phayam

or 'What to do on a secluded beach when it rains'



In our efforts to be independent travellers we skipped the well trodden path of Koh Phi Phi, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and headed north. Our destination: Koh Phayam, a little-known, little-developed island said to be like Koh Samui in the early traveller days. Where electricity stops at 10pm and the beaches look just as they always have done, which in this case means crawling with miniature crabs!

Our guesthouse was fantastic; Bamboo Bungalows was the busiest on the island with a fantastic set of staff and kitchen cooking brilliant Thai and Western food - a blessing given the weather we faced: days of rain and overcast skies. The beach was empty, apart from its resident crab population, but as sunbathing was off the agenda, we were left to play cards, lots of cards stopping only for the occasional sea kayaking session and beach party.


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Lazy in Lanta

Pale by comparison.



It was hard to leave Lipe, but we had to sooner or later; so we chose sooner as I had the chance to meet up with friends from Sheffield, Anna and Mark, as we crossed paths in Thailand. Koh Lanta failed to impress us, but only because we had just come from paradise. The sand wasn't as white or soft, the sea not as blue or clear and to top it off I came down with a mystery illness that ensured I was in bed by 9pm every evening.

Still, it was great meeting up with Anna and Mark, fresh from India and Nepal and making their way to New Zealand to live and work for a year. And Koh Lanta did have one redeeming feature that made our stay there worthwhile: the most spectacular sunset either of us has ever seen!

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